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Welcome to the sites and sounds of Putting Our Dreams Into Reality(P.O.D.I.R.5). We will share some of the latest and greatest memories an adventures we take on. Modifyd, CD, and our little crew take on local activities, food, reviews, familiar and unfamiliar cities. We thank you for joining us on our adventures and hope you enjoy our content as much as we love making it.

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American Airlines Dreamliner Experience (Planes Trains and Automobiles)

Welcome aboard American Airlines MASSIVE Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. This flight experienced brought us the best of the best in aircraft travel “DOMESTICALLY.” Usually, this wide-body bird is sent on long transcon or international journeys. We got the pleasure of traveling to LA on this bird and experience this in Business class. Sit back and relax as we take you along the journey.

Flight: AA1807

Route: DFW – LAX

Seat: 6L

Aircraft: Boeing 787-9

Duration: 2 hrs 48 mins

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Manor Texas bites with Hambone’s cookout delights

Welcome to our next episode of “Something Good Sundays.” We stumble upon greatness in our very own backyard. Hambone’s Breakfast and Burgers is a nice treat that will have you making this one of your local lunch/breakfast spots around. Nestled right off HWY 290 in Manor, Texas you will find eats from breakfast tacos and break plates, to all-out cook-out favorites. Burgers, Hotdogs, Fish, Chicken sandwiches you name it, its something for everyone. Join us as we sit down and feast on some good outdoor dining.


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Planes Trains and Automobiles – American Airlines Business Class

Welcome, everyone to the next and long away series in my section “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.” Its been a while that we have had a flight review on our channel due to the pandemic, but we survive to give you another video. Today’s flight is on an American Airlines A321 from Austin, Texas, to Dallas, Texas. This is the start of our Journey on a spring trip for my birthday. This journey was in business class the entire way so we can see what was offered at the time and how service is onboard. I hope you enjoy our first trip back to the skies.

Flight: AA1595

Aircraft: Airbus A321

Seat: 4A

Time: 50 minutes

Route: AUS – DFW

Cruise: 23,000 ft

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Home Chef is Our Meal Kit of Choice

Welcome good peoples to another Something Good Sundays. In episode 6 not 5(LOL) we bring you to a more personal meal. We show our meal kits that we have been preparing to keep thought process, time, and prices to a minimum. Home Chef has been our meal kit of choice. Simple creative meals delivered right to your front door. The intuitive app, fresh ingredients, and delivery have been top-notch with this product. Come and enjoy the makings of how easiest it is to prepare as we revisit Home Chef years later.

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Galveston and Pleasure Pier Family Life

Hello good peoples. The P.O.D.I.R.5 family is continuing their journey to the 2 boardwalk parks within the coastal portion of Texas. Join us as we adventure through Galveston and Pleasure Pier. Galveston is a special destination as it was where my wife and I got married on the beach. Check out the Maravilla Hotel and Condos which were offered by Air BnB from a gracious host. the place was well put together and relative cheap to be right across the street from the beach.

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Oklahoma Living: Our Second Cabin within Wynnewood

We travel our way into mid-Oklahoma. (Wynnewood, OK) We grab another cabin for the day to celebrate Christmas day before we travel back to Austin. This cabin was a smaller cabin and more affordable for anyone looking to be secluded and enjoy time together. Get a look at the travel logs that are left in these cabins as we carry out our time in Broken Bow as well.

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Broken Bow Luxury Cabin life

The holidays bringing in some family cheer by getting away to a cabin. We have been quarantined for the year and these amazing cabins keep you safe and isolated from others all while still having fun. Broken Bow Luxury Cabins has something for all family sizes. The atmosphere, the wood cabin smell, and amenities will keep your family occupied and relaxing no matter what season you plan to visit. A full review of the 2 bedroom Cabin (Thank you to the amazing host for the Air BNB stay)

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Nostalgic Atmosphere in the best Arcade in Austin Texas

Jump into your retro self and take a journey with us through one of the most nostalgic places ever. For that know me I am a bigger game and lover of arcades. I found a hidden gem in Austin with great prices, great food, great atmosphere, and location. Cidercade ATX is nestled right downtown overlooking lady bird lake and houses 150+ arcade games. FAMILY GAME TIME IS ON. Links to my Other Arcade1up Classic videos below:

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A Stay at Hotel Valencia – San Antonios number 1 Hotel

We review what holds to be the number #1 ranked hotel in San Antonio. Hotel Valencia is right on the quiet side of the Riverwalk downtown. Boasting great culture and vibrant textures around each part of the hotel you get a great feel of Spanish, Modern Colonial aesthetics. We show you our room, package, food, and a little of the atmosphere in our new favorite hotel.


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Planes Trains and Automobiles – American Airlines

Welcome to another Trip report. American Airlines 777-200er back to Dallas TX, from Honolulu. Catch the beautiful views of Downtown Honolulu from the air as we coast out on this afternoon. We visit our first AA Admirals club lounge on this trip as well. Thank you to those who requested this video. Its viewers like you that makes me want to keep doing this.

Flight Info: Flight: AA8 Route: HNL – DFW Flight Duration: 7hrs 20mins Seat: 15A (Premium Economy) Overnight flight.